Make mine cashless

While the world is gradually moving towards a cashless society, Malaysian Association Of Tour And Travel Agents (MATTA) President Datuk Tan Kok Liang doesn't think it's practical for travellers to go completely cashless - not at this point in time, at least.

"Cashless travel is the way of the future but we are far from being able to travel without cash. For now, travellers can go with fewer cash, but not completely without," he says.

Tan highlights instances where smaller and more rural destinations may lack the facility to accept cashless transactions.

"Even in metropolitan and well-developed areas there are still many instances where only cash is accepted. Until the adoption of cashless payment becomes all-pervasive, tourists should always keep spare cash handy.

"The key limitation for cashless travel is when there is no access to the Internet or where telecommunications networks are unstable or totally non-existent, or even when equipment malfunctions occur," he says.

Although most travel agents in Malaysia can accommodate cashless travellers, Tan says the industry as a whole is not yet fully equipped.