KUALA LUMPUR, 28 APRIL 2023 – The Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) urges the public to be very wary and alert of MATTA Fair social media fake accounts that are impersonating to be our organisation.

These social media accounts for MATTA Fair may have a similar appearance and use our name and logo. However, we do not encourage the public to interact with or purchase anything travel-related through these fake accounts.

Please be informed that our official portal address is, while our official Twitter account is @MATTA_FAIR and Instagram account is @mattafair. They are accessible here:
for Twitter:;
for Instagram:

Our official Facebook page is at, while our official YouTube channel is Only these are our official channels and accounts.

We would like to advise anyone who has received or encountered fraudulent or dubious social media accounts – purportedly promoting or selling something said to be from us – to immediately report them to the respective social media platform.

MATTA Fair is a registered trademark and will enforce our intellectual property rights in accordance to the Laws of Malaysia in which we viewed very seriously including taking legal actions against any party that goes against our trademark branding of MATTA Fair.

MATTA encourages the public to always check the authenticity of our social media account by going to our website or to verify anything that may look suspicious.

Below is the list and date for our next MATTA Fair organized by the respective states:

  1. MATTA Fair Pahang Chapter (5-7 May 2023)
  2. MATTA Fair Sabah Chapter (19-21 May 2023)
  3. MATTA Fair Kedah Chapter (June 2023)
  4. MATTA Fair Johor Chapter (Batu Pahat) (22-23 July 2023)
  5. MATTA Fair Johor Chapter (Johor Bahru) (4-6 August 2023)
  6. MATTA Fair Melaka Chapter (18-20 August 2023)
  7. National MATTA Fair Kuala Lumpur (1-3 September 2023)
  8. MATTA Fair Pahang Chapter (6-8 October 2023)

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